Italian Democratic Socialists

The Socialisti Democratici Italiani ( Italian Democratic Socialists, SDI) were a party in Italy, which existed from 1998 to 2007. The party was one of the smaller parties of the center-left coalition L' Unione, and was at the European level member of the Party of European Socialists.

The youth organization of the SDI was the FGS ( Federazione Giovani Socialisti, Federation of Young Socialists ).


The SDI was formed in 1998 from the Socialisti Italiani, the larger of the two emerged from the former PSI fractions, as well as parts of the first re- creation of the Partito Socialista, the Federazione Laburista and remnants of the Partito Socialista Italiano Democratico.

Under the leadership of Enrico Boselli, the SDI in 1996 and 2001, part of the electoral alliance The Olive, 1996 while connected to the Renewal Italiano, 2001 with the Green Party (under the name Il Girasole ) and 2006 with the Radical Party. The Camera dei deputati belonged to nine in 2006, the Senate of six members of the SDI.

At the 2006 general election, the SDI ended with the Radical Rosa nel Pugno the Alliance ( "Rose in the Fist " ) together. After the elections, the Socialists were able to send a representative to the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies but at least keep their nine seats.

In October 2007, the SDI of the Partito Socialista joined forces with the renegades Nuovo PSI as well as a number of other social democratic and socialist groups to a new collection party. However, this disappointed in the parliamentary elections in Italy 2008, all expectations and missed with just under 1 % of the vote in both chambers of the catchment.