Italian People's Party (1994)

The Partito Popolare Italiano (PPI, Italian People's Party) was founded by Luigi Sturzo 1919 Christian People's Party of Italy. This party was banned in 1926. Members of the PPI were 1942 co-founder of the Christian Democrats.

The new PPI 1994 went forth from the Christian Democrats, which took up the name of the precursor party again. Unlike other governmental parties from the time of the Cold War that existed right at that Partito Socialista Italiano, the PPI not entered the government coalition of the first Berlusconi government, Polo delle Libertà, a.

However, two cleavage products of the PPI supported Berlusconi, namely the Christian Democratic parties CCD and CDU. The PPI was 2001 at the center-left coalition " Margherita ". In 2002 she went to the party La Margherita - on Democrats è Libertà.