Italy Davis Cup team

The Italian Davis Cup team is the national team of Italy Tennis. It is organized by the Federazione Italiana Tennis. The Davis Cup is the most important competition for national teams in men's tennis, similar to the Fed Cup for the women.


Italy plays since 1922 in the Davis Cup. In 1960 the team reached the finals for the first time, but the Australian team was beaten with 1:4. The following year, the Italians once again reached the final, but lost ( again against Australia ) with 0:5. In 1976, they managed to win the Davis Cup. In the final, she competed against Chile and won 5-0. In 1977, she lost again against Australia with 0:5. 1979 and 1980 they reached the finals both times, but could not prevail. The last finals was in 1998 when they were beaten by the Swedish team.

The Italian team

(As Davis Cup 2012-2013)


The results of the finals are given from an Italian perspective.