Italy of Values

Italia dei Valori ( Italy of Values ​​German, before: Italia dei Valori - Lista Di Pietro) is a party in Italy, which belongs to the political center-left spectrum. She is a member of the ELDR (European Liberal Democratic and Reform Party ), the European Association of liberal parties.

Founder and longtime chairman of the party was the Milan prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro. Since June 2013 Ignazio Messina is chairman.


In the European elections of 2004, she moved with two deputies in the European Parliament, of which one of the ELDR Group ALDE, but the other of the Socialist Group has connected. In the Italian Italia dei Valori parliamentary elections in 2006 reached a nationwide vote share of 2.3 % and was then in the House of Representatives with 16 of the 630 and the Senate represented with four of the 315 seats.

In the parliamentary elections of 2008, the party entered into a joint list with the Partito Democratico and scored the following results: 4.4% in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies (equivalent to 29 seats) and 4.3% in the Senate elections ( 14 seats ), which almost a doubling of the 2006 results corresponds.

In the European elections in Italy in 2009, the party reached (including through the candidacy of many "independent" candidates without party membership ) a historical high of 8 %, which now represents 7 of the 72 Italian MEP.

The Cabinet Monti was not supported by the Italia dei Valori, which belonged to the contrary, to its most outspoken critics. The party has also sharpened their social profile and the alliance with the Partito Democratico, which was instrumental in the formation of the Government Monti terminated. At the parliamentary elections in February 2013 Italia dei Valori candidate on the independent alliance list Rivoluzione Civile around the state prosecutor Antonio Ingroia. The list of missed just under 2 % of the vote to enter parliament clear, however, which were eliminated also former parliamentarians of Italia dei Valori from their mandates.