Itariri is a fishing village in Brazil. It is located about 10 km from the Linha Verde and about 150 km from Salvador, Bahia. On a promontory that juts into the Barra do Itariri, is the place that has a little tourist infrastructure with guesthouses and restaurants. There is even one of the few campsites in place. Picturesque in a small river delta occurs at this point of the river of the same Itariri into the sea. You can also Itariri directly across a street that runs parallel to the state, away from place Sitio do Conde. Itariri part as a community to the Conde District.

- 11.943888888889 - 37.662777777778Koordinaten: 11 ° 57 ' S, 37 ° 40 ' W

  • Place in Bahia