ITC Enschede

The International Institute for Geo - Information Science and Earth Observation is the ITC ( International Training Center ) in Enschede ( Netherlands), proven for 55 years training center for earth science geoscience the largest section.

The main tasks of the Institute are:

  • Education and training of geoscientists and engineers in the extraction and processing of soil-related data of the Earth's surface, the atmosphere and other GIS primary data
  • Research in the field of Remote Sensing and Geoinformation
  • Support for projects in this area, particularly in developing countries by providing technical advice, analysis of data and management.

The Institute provides methods, tools, and tools for the study and preservation of the natural environment and its resources. It uses among others the following measurement and processing methods:

  • Satellite images, aerial photogrammetry and image processing
  • GPS and terrestrial survey
  • Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
  • Publication of maps and data.