Itero de la Vega

Itero de la Vega is a small town on the Camino de Santiago in the province of Palencia of the Autonomous Community of Castile -Leon.

The name of the village stems - like that of the adjacent village Itero del Castillo and the near Puente de Itero - from the former border situation to the county of Castile. Itero comes from Hito - landmark, which in turn from Latin petra ficta - back rammed into the ground (marginal) stone. So, while on the other side of the county Pisuerga Castile ended - today Burgos - entered the traveler with Itero de la Vega the first place the Tierra de Campos. In the Crónica Albeldense this landscape is as Campi Gothorum - Gothic mentioned fields, today is the village in the province of Palencia.


The parish church of San Pedro was built in the 16th century on the foundations of a church from the 13th century. The Gothic portal from the 13th century remained unchanged.

At the entrance there is the hermitage Ermita de la Piedad, also from the 13th century. It houses a wooden carved figure of Santiago as a pilgrim.