ITF is the abbreviation for:

  • International Taekwon- Do Federation, one of the World Taekwondo Associations
  • International Tennis Federation, the world governing body Tennis
  • International Transport Forum, an organization of the OECD
  • Iraqi Turkmen Front, an alliance of several organizations Turkmen in Iraq
  • Integral timetable, a timetable organization in the public local and long distance traffic
  • INTERLIS transfer format, a data transfer format
  • International Transport Workers' Federation, international federation of trade unions in the transport sector
  • International Turntablist Federation, turntablism
  • Interleaved Two of Five, a bar code encoding, see barcode # 2/5-Familie
  • International Tourist Peace Race, a cycling event
  • Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research, an intergovernmental organization for cooperation in questions of Holocaust education, remembrance and research
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