Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit

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The Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit is a contiguous chain of French national highways leading in 2004 as a road for heavy transport from Bordeaux to the Airbus factory in Blagnac. It was created for the bulky components of the Airbus A380. As route the road sections of national roads serve 124, 224, 524 and 542


The aircraft parts, which are manufactured in various Airbus plants are first across the sea, then shipped to Langon on the Garonne. There they are on six trucks loaded ( one for each of the two wings, the three parts of the fuselage and the horizontal stabilizer ) and drove along the Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit the A380 factory in Blagnac.

The transport is usually held over three nights, during the day the trucks are parked on a specially constructed and fenced picnic areas in Eauze and L' Isle Jourdain. During the transport, the road is partially blocked, there are fixed -posted detour routes and fixed information screens, on which is informed about the current status.


The Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit consists predominantly of existing roads, but numerous minor modifications were necessary, such as curve radii were enlarged and built by-pass options to the route crossing bridges.

N 524

Today's Route nationale 524, just N 524, is the first part of the " Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit ".

The National Road was established in 2004 composed of various roads department to serve as part of the transport route of components for the Airbus A380 between the port of Langon and the Airbus factory in Toulouse. It runs from the port of Langon to south of Eauze where the transport route to the National Highway 124 continues. Part of the Department streets were up to 1973 national roads. The portions of the N 524 was composed of the following streets:

  • N 132 (D 932) port of Langon - Captieux
  • D 114 Captieux - Département Gironde border
  • D 303 Territory border country - junction with the former N 133
  • D 24 intersection with the former N 133 - Gabarret
  • N 656 ( D 656 ) Gabarret - Cazaubon
  • N 626 (D 626) Cazaubon - west of Eauze
  • Circumvention of Eauze
  • 131 N (D 931 ) south of Eauze for a few kilometers
  • D 24 intersection with the former N 131 - junction with the N 124

N 124

A portion of the still existing national route 124, just N 124, forms the second part of the " Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit ".

This part is used for heavy transport to the Airbus factory. It involves the set since 1824 lead the road, which was partially upgraded to a dual carriageway and thereby circumvents places. The heavy transport section begins south of Eauze where the national road 524 opens on the National Road 124 and extends to the beginning of the western bypass of L' Isle- Jourdain with the National Road 224 as a continuation.

N 224

Today's Route nationale 224, just N 224, is the final part of the " Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit ".

The national road starts at L' Isle- Jourdain. From there it passes over the western bypass of L' Isle- Jourdain direction Sainte -Livrade.

While the National Highway 224 runs through the town center, take the heavy transports a southern bypass, which is designated as a national road 542, in which there is a well-developed municipal roads and paths. In the EU urban road are the former Territory Road 42B.

The National Road 224 then proceeds northeast to Monaigut - sur-Save, and from there east-southeast to Mondo Ville. From there a new road leading to the North Rim of the plant site begins. The heavy transport branch of the N 224 between Lévignac and Montaigut- sur-Save from the developed local streets and meet east of Mondonville back on the N 224 to bypass the last two places. The loop road is closed to motorized traffic and can be used with bicycles.

From 1978 to 2001, there was another national road 224 These were the eastern bypass of Le Mans. This road was graded with the opening of Highway 28, and is now recognized as a department road 20bis.

N 542

In the Route nationale 542 is a short section of " Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit " which south bypasses the place Sainte -Livrade and is traversed by heavy vehicles, while the national road 224, at which the N 542 connects at both ends, runs through the town.