Itkillik River


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Its source is near the Oolah pass in the Endicott Mountains, a mountain range of the Brooks Range, in the north -east of the Gates -of -the- Arctic National Park. It flows in a northerly direction through the North Slope and flows about 5 km south of Nuiqsut in the Colville River, the delta begins the Arctic Ocean to drill immediately thereafter. In the plane of the North Slope of the course of Itkillik River is characterized by strong meander. He is one of the many rivers and streams that feed the Colville River from the Brooks Range north of the Continental Divide ago.

John Simpson documented in 1852, the name of a large river, which flows in these some 50 km upstream of the mouth of the Colville River, as " Itkalingkok " or " Indian River ". In the records of a Native from Barrow in 1900, the name " it- kil - lik " will be used. " Itqiliq " means as much as " Indians."