Itochu Shoji K. K. (Japanese伊藤忠 商 事 株式会社. Itochu Shoji kabushiki - gaisha, Eng. Itochu Corporation to 1992 C. Itoh & Co., Ltd. ) is a Japanese company with headquarters in Osaka. It is the core company of ITOCHU Group, which comprises more than 700 companies.

The company founded in 1949, is listed on the Nikkei 225 equity index. Predecessor companies date back to 1858 to Itō Chube (伊藤 忠 兵卫). Itochu Shoji is one of the seven major trading houses, the sogo shosha, in Japan. 1995, Itochu Shoji involved financially in the development of three oil fields in Azerbaijan.