Ittefaq (1969 film)

  • Rajesh Khanna Dilip Roy
  • Nanda: Rekha
  • Bindu: Renu
  • Sujit Kumar: Inspector sofa
  • Madan Puri: Prosecutor Khanna
  • Gajanan Jagirdar: Dr. Tridevi
  • Iftekhar: Inspector Karwe
  • Shammi: Basanti / Rekhas neighbor
  • Jagdish Raj: Inspector Khan
  • Alka: Sushma Roy

Ittefaq (translated: Random ) is a successful Bollywood film directed by Yash Chopra, who works without any song and dance routines.


The painter Dilip Roy comes home. There he is taken by the prosecutor Khanna in reception. Reason for this is the body of Dilip wife Sushma. According to the testimony of his sister Renu, Dilip said to have committed the murder. She describes the incident: Dilip has constantly neglected Sushma. Even on the wedding day he rejects her. Instead of going with their food, he devotes himself rather his image. Out of anger slashed Sushma the image and is strangled shortly afterwards by Dilip.

While Dilip denies the fact, but the evidence is against him. At the trial he rotates through completely and is therefore placed in the insane asylum. At the earliest opportunity he flees and hides in a makeshift Rekhas house. Her husband Jagmohan is on a business trip, so Dilip has imprisoned in his own house the housewife.

That night Dr. Tridevi and inspector Dawan emerge which search the area for Dilip. Rekha they can successfully get rid of. But when Dilip wants to hide in the bathroom, he discovered the body of Jagmohan. Before he can handle the shock, the body is already gone. Dilip is confused and feels almost to be really crazy. Worse, it is as if they want to attach him even Jagmohans murder.

However, after several incidents, the truth comes to light. It turns out that Rekha and inspector Dawan behind Jagmohans stuck murder. Your subject: Jagmohan has constantly neglected, which is why she had started an affair with the Inspector Rekha. Nor Dilip has Sushma killed, but his own sister. Renu had hoped as the sole heir to the money her rich sister.


Filmfare Award 1970

  • Filmfare Award / Best Director at Yash Chopra
  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound to M. A. Shaikh


  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress at Nanda
  • Filmfare Award / Best Supporting Actress in Bindu
  • Filmfare Award / Best Actor at Rajesh Khanna


He is a pleasant tingling intimate play with little actors, not veiled its stage origins. If you're looking for a Hollywood counterpart, it would most likely something like Hitchcock's " Rope" - though not quite so exciting and clever. But " Ittefaq " is good. The plot is exciting, the actors convincingly, the staging fresh. (of )