Itter (Eder)


The Itter is a 11.6 km-long, left or northern tributary of the Edersees or the Eder in Waldeck- Frankenberg in northern Hesse ( Germany ) and flows through the Ittergau named after her.


The Itter springs west of Upper Ense, a südsüdwestlichen district of Korbach. Your source is located at about 390 m above sea level. NN on the mountain Wiperich ( 423.3 m above sea level. NN ), a southern spur of Eisenberg.

Initially, the Itter flows in an easterly direction over Upper to Lower Ense where right hand opens the little old Itter. Below the village flows from the north, the Marpeck one, after which the Itter Itter runs through the village. Then she takes the water of the coming from the north Korbach Kuhbachs. Thereafter, it flows southward through a deep valley sections. Below Vöhl - Thalitter or above the scouring mill it flows to the west of the Wennebach, who previously have started the tributary of Lingen Scheid.

Finally reached the Itter Herzhausen, where it flows on the northwest border of the nature park basement Edersee to about 245 m altitude in the western end of the Edersees or in the here flowing into the reservoir Eder.

Catchment and inflows

Among the tributaries of the Itter, whose catchment area covers 76.131 km ², including the Old Itter, the Marpeck, the Kuhbach and the tributary of Lingen Scheid.

Gold Search

Together with the former village teacher by Marie Hagen, a district of Vöhl, dug up in the 1970s, school children of the village and children from Duisburg, the time spent in one of nature classes their holidays in the Itter to tiny pieces of gold.