ITU (disambiguation)

ITU is an abbreviation for:

  • Institute for Transuranium Elements, English Institute for Transuranium
  • International Telecommunication Union, see International Telecommunication Union
  • International Triathlon Union organizes the official world championship series in duathlon, triathlon, winter triathlon and Aquathlon
  • İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi ( German: Istanbul Technical University ), commonly called İTÜ or Technical University, a technically oriented university in Istanbul
  • IT University of Copenhagen, a Danish globally oriented, independent university
  • Intermodal Transport Unit, Combined transport container ( for rail and road)

Itu geographically:

  • Itu (Brazil ), city in the state of São Paulo in Brazil
  • Itu (Nigeria ), a town in Nigeria

ʾ ITU stands for:

  • ʾ ITU, ancient Aramaic territory on the middle Tigris

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