The Itzquelle at the foot of Bleßbergs

The Itz is a right tributary of the Main river in Thuringia and Upper Franconia.


The Itz valley is located in the sandstone Keuper, Rhaetic, Lias and Dogger, and together with the surrounding hills, the demand for construction - Itz - hills of the South West German levels country. The river has greatly sunk into the rock, its bottom falls of 673 m above sea level. NN to 438 m to 235 m above sea level. NN. The floodplain is a cultural landscape, which consists largely of grassland, and shapes the image of the Upper Main country. The Itz valley between Coburg and demand for construction ( 14.5 km ² FFH ) and the Itz - Baunach floodplain with an area of 123 km ² are specially protected landscape conservation areas, which are characterized by periodic flooding. They are characterized by alluvial meadows with an inventory of rare and endangered species. Among the animal is about beavers and bullhead, among the plants of the Light Wiesenknopfbläuling the Dark Wiesenknopfbläuling, alder and ash species. Almost a quarter of floodplains are protected.

River course

The river is about 80 kilometers long and has a catchment area of ​​1029 square kilometers. It rises north-east of ice rink in the Thuringian Slate Mountains to 673 m above sea level. Sea level at the foot of the Bleßberges in stilts in the district of Hildburghausen.

In the upper Itzgrund lie by the river, the community and the city Bachfeld Schalkau. Right after the border he is dammed in Bavaria to protect against flooding for Froschgrundsee. After that, Itz flows through the frog base between Schönstädt and upper Wohlbach and the cities Rödental and Coburg. Further down on the fertile lower Itzgrund they inundated by flood again and again their valley. Below Rattelsdorf the Itz opens between Breitengüßbach and demand for construction in the Main.


Inflows include

  • Wide open fields of water, estuary between Tossenthal and Bachfeld
  • Krellsenbach, mouth in Bachfeld
  • Katzberger water, mouth above Schalkau
  • Gundel Winder water, mouth after Bachfeld
  • Truck Thaler water estuary in Schalkau
  • Grümpen, muzzle pointing Almerswind
  • Fernbach, estuary on the border of Bavaria / Thuringia
  • Begging Bach, Estuary at Weissenbrunn vorm Wald
  • Birkertsbach, mouth in Weissenbrunn vorm Wald
  • Effelder, it flows into the Froschgrundsee
  • Pöpelbach, Estuary at Schönstädt
  • Fischbach, Estuary at Fischbach
  • Fornbachsgraben, mouth in Mittelberg
  • Weimer trench mouth in Mittelberg
  • Fornbach, mouth in sub Wohlbach
  • Röden, mouth in Waldsachsen
  • Krebsbach, mouth in Waldsachsen
  • Lauter, Estuary at the Holy Cross Church in Coburg
  • Ketch stream, estuary at Ketschendorf
  • Abrasive stream, estuary at Finkenau
  • Füllbach, Estuary at the miserly mill
  • Siem Auer Mühlbach, Estuary at Scherneck
  • Wohlbach, mouth below Scherneck
  • Brick villages stream, estuary below Erles Mill
  • Steinengraben, Estuary at Großheirath
  • Wiesbach, Estuary at Rossach
  • Püchitzer stream, estuary below Schleifenhan
  • Unterrodach, mouth below Bodelstadt
  • Alster, Estuary at Untermerzbach
  • Untermerzbach, Estuary at Untermerzbach

Itz on top Wohlbach

Jews bridge in Coburg

High water at Gleusdorf


The Itz is named after a Main-Franconian dialect - the Itzgründischen, which is spoken in the valleys of the Itz and its tributaries.