Itzamná (historic Maya: "Iguana House ", "Lizard House " or "House of the drop ") was the supreme god and creator god of the Maya of Yucatan of Postklassikums.


Itzamná is represented in various forms. Thus he appears as a giant reptilian form, but also with the trains of an old man who owns a large, round eye with volute located underneath. Even representations with sky symbols are known.


He is often found in combination with other names of gods, is therefore suggested that a variety of different religious aspects of it have been assigned. For example, it is also Itzamná Kauil called ( " Itzamná great harvest " ) and thus represented as a fertility god. The translation of "House of the drop " can also think of the function of a rain God.

In combination with the name of interpretations "Lizard House " or "Iguana House ", the reptilian shape to a strong animal component.

This versatility of the representations Itzamnás suggest a Creator God. In fact, he is deemed to correspond to see other Mesoamerican gods such as the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan, as it is the main god of the Maya of Yucatan.