Ivan Benito

Benito began his career at FC Aarau. In the 1996/97 season, he managed to jump into the first team, first as a substitute goalkeeper. From the 1998/99 season he was a regular goalkeeper at FC Aarau - to 2002/03 season when he was ousted by Massimo Colomba. That's why he moved to the 2003/04 season abroad in Italy. There he first played with Pistoiese and later the SS Juve Stabia.

In the season 2006/ 07, a few weeks after the winter break, Benito went with a half-year contract back to FC Aarau because goalkeeper Colomba and substitute goalkeeper Greco had both injured for several weeks. In eleven games, he contributed significantly to the relegation of FC Aarau. For this he was equipped with a three -year contract. Even as goalkeeper Colomba had recovered from his injury earlier in the season 2007/ 08, Benito remained in goal. Was announced on 14 June 2010 that Benito 'll switch to Grasshopper-Club Zurich after. There he signed a two -year contract. Within the scope of a goalie castling he moved in exchange for Roman Bürki in January 2011 on the Young Boys Berne.

He is the uncle of Loris Benito, who plays for FC Zurich.