Ivy Close

Ivy Lilian Close ( born June 15, 1890 in Stockton -on-Tees, England; † December 4, 1968 in Goring- on-Thames, England) was an English beauty queen and actress.


1908 wrote the Daily Mirror a competition for the title of "most beautiful woman in the world" from the Ivy Close won. It was after that first stage actress. Between 1912 and 1928 she appeared in numerous films. Most of these films were low-budget productions that were forgotten soon; an exception was La Roue of 1922. In this nearly nine-hour work, which was produced by Abel Gance in France, Ivy Close played the Norma, a young woman who falls in love with her ​​step- brother.

From her marriage to the photographer Elwin Neame (1885-1923), the sons Ronald Neame (1911-2010) and Derek Neame were born ( 1915-1979 ). Both were active in the film business, as well as her grandson Christopher (* 1942) and her great-grandson Gareth Neame (1967 ). In his second marriage, she was married to the former stuntman Curly Batson.