Ixiamas Municipality

The municipality Ixiamas is a district in the department of La Paz in the South American Andes State of Bolivia.

Location in near space

The municipality Ixiamas is one of two municipios of Abel Iturralde Province and lies in the northern part of the province. It is bordered to the west by the Republic of Peru, on the south by the Province Franz Tamayo, on the southeast by the municipality of San Buenaventura, on the east by the department of Beni, and to the north by the department of Pando.

The central location of the municipality is Ixiamas with 1,775 inhabitants in the southern part of the county ( 2001).


The municipality is located on the western edge of the Ixiamas Moxos level, with more than 100,000 km ², one of the largest wetlands in the world; dominant vegetation type in the Moxos level is the tropical savannah. The climate in the region is tropical Ixiamas hot and humid all year round, but it can be in winter by the Surazo ( cold wind from the south) are relatively cool. The annual rainfall is about 2,000 mm (see climate chart Rurrenabaque ), with monthly rainfall of around 300 mm in January and February, and less than 100 mm in the months of August and September. The monthly average temperature all year is between 23 ° C and 28 ° C.


The population of the municipality Ixiamas has more than doubled in the past two decades:

The life expectancy of newborns in 2001 was 61.5 years, the infant mortality rate of 8.1 per cent ( 1992) declined to 6.7 percent ( 2001).

The literacy rate for those over 15 years is 87.0 percent, and that 90.6 percent of men and 81.7 percent for women ( 2001).

97.4 percent of the population speaking Spanish, 8.1 percent speak Quechua, Aymara 7.7 percent, and 9.2 percent other indigenous languages. (2001)

97.0 percent of the population have no access to electricity, 69.8 percent have no sanitary facilities ( 2001).

52.7 percent of households have a radio, 13.3 percent have a television, 41.8 percent a bicycle, a motorcycle 6.7 percent, 5.0 percent, a car, a refrigerator, 6.6 percent, 0.6 percent phone. (2001)



The municipality is not further subdivided into cantons ( cantones ), it consists of 32 sub- cantons ( subcantones ).