Ixiamas is a country town in the department of La Paz in the South American Andes State of Bolivia.

Location in near space

Ixiamas is the administrative seat of Abel Iturralde province and the central location of the county ( bolivian: Municipio) Ixiamas on the left bank of the Río Undumo, a left tributary of the Río Beni. The village lies at an altitude of 260 m in the northern Bolivian lowlands on the northeastern edge of the Madidi National Park. Five kilometers north- west of the town is the lake Laguna Santa Rosa.


Ixiamas lies on the western edge of the Moxos level, with more than 100,000 km ², one of the largest wetlands in the world; dominant vegetation type in the Moxos level is the tropical savannah. The climate in the region is tropical Ixiamas hot and humid all year round, but it can be in winter by the Surazo ( cold wind from the south) are relatively cool.

The annual rainfall is about 2,000 mm (see climate chart Rurrenabaque ), with monthly rainfall of around 300 mm in January and February, and less than 100 mm in the months of August and September. The monthly average temperature all year is between 23 ° C and 28 ° C.

Traffic network

Ixiamas lies at a distance of 537 kilometers of road north of La Paz, the capital of the department of the same name.

From La Paz the highway Ruta 3 performs more than 320 km in a northeasterly direction to Yucumo, from there the Ruta 8 about 99 km in a north -westerly direction to the neighboring towns of Rurrenabaque and San Buenaventura, and then the Ruta 16 over 115 kilometers to the north-west to Ixiamas. The continuation of this highway continues to Cobija in the north-west corner of the Bolivian territory.

Ixiamas has a 1,500 meter long runway on the western edge of the village, the village streets are largely undefended.


The population of the town has risen in the past two decades at three times: