Iytwelepenty / Davenport Ranges National Park

The Davenport Range National Park (often referred to Davenport - Murchison National Park ) is a 1120 km ² large park in the center of the Northern Territory, Australia.


The park is located about 250 km south-east of Tennant Creek and 450 km north-east of Alice Springs. From the Stuart Highway from, you can reach the park via two unpaved roads. In the southern part of the park is via the Murray Downs Station, in the northern part of the Kurundi station. Alternatively, the access also from Barkley Homestead over a 150 km long runway along the Frew River is possible.

The National Park is located in the Barkley Tablelands and includes the mountain ranges of the Davenport and Murchison Range.


Artifacts in the park demonstrate the millennia-old history of the Aborigines. The groups of Warumungu, Alyawarre and Kaytetye are located here. The first Europeans settled here in the early 20th century. In addition to remnants from livestock can be found relics of mineral exploration, mining, former missionary activity and an old police station.

Flora and Fauna

The extensive network of waterholes in the national park plays for many animals, especially birds, an important role as a retreat. Far from any other river system provide the water holes even habitat for seven species of fish as well as a crab. In the park there is also dunnarts, Antechinus, glasses hare kangaroos, northern hare kangaroo, black paws rock kangaroos, kangaroos and mountain real kangaroos.