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J ( with middle name of Jun Onose, Japanese小野 瀬 润Onose Jun, born August 12, 1970 in Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan) is a Japanese bassist, singer, songwriter and music producer. J as co-founder and bassist of the rock band Luna Sea became known, he can now look back but also on a long solo career back.

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June Onose was born in 1970 in Hadano and went to the same middle school and high school as Inoran, with whom he formed a band called Lunacy.

Luna Sea

Lunacy was founded in 1989 and later renamed Luna Sea. The then viewed as unconventional band with Visual Kei look had difficulty getting a record deal. Only with the help of X Japan drummer Yoshiki they made ​​it into the music world and established itself as a successful rock band. In 1997, the band took a break, so that all members, including J, solo careers devoted. 1998 the band returned visibly grown back and presented a more pop style than before. Up to Sugizo the band members had filed their visual look largely. In 2000, the band released their last album for the time being, which marked the beginning of the band's break up in 2007.

After it was announced after a seven year break in the day of a lunar eclipse, the band played on December 24, 2007, a sold-out concert at the Tokyo Dome in front of 55,000 visitors. They also met with X Japan Hide Memorial Summit headlining on 5 May 2008. The resumption of gang activity took the form of several concerts outside of Asia. Their world tour in 2010 brought them to Bochum, her only concert in Europe.

Solo career

Js first project without Luna Sea was the foundation of the group M * A * S * S Inoran with bandmate and hide of X Japan. However, they only released one song, Frozen bug on the sampler Dance 2 Noise 004 The song was later released by hide on his solo album Hide Your Face again.

As Luna Sea 1997, a one-year break men casting, signed J the label Universal Music Group. His first single " Burn Out " was released on June 25. They also included a cover of the song "Call Me " by the band Blondie. In 1999 he produced a remix of Electric Cucumber band Zilch ( who died in 1998 was a member of the band have been hide ) for their remix album Bastard Eyes. In 2001, he also toured with zilch.

J played and produced for a number of well-known musicians. 2001 and 2002 he produced together with Franz Stahl albums and songs for Youjeen. In 2002, he played bass for the song I Hate You by Tomoyasu Hotei. Hotei later made a remix of J's song Perfect World for Go Crazy single. Furthermore, played bass for J Seo Taiji album Seo Taiji 7th Issue, published in 2004.

Since November 9, 2005 J is changed with the appearance of his single break to label Blowgrow (part of Avex Group). In the same year J coverte the song Iconoclasm of the band Buck -Tick for their tribute album Parade - Respective Tracks of Buck -Tick. On 8 September 2007, he also appeared on their final tour of Buck -Tick Fest 2007 on Parade tour.

Another project took J under the name Aggressive Dogs Death Note Allstars, N- Crew, in attack, where he recorded with various musicians for the tribute album Tribute to Death Note Manga Death Note songs.

2008 J Bass played for five songs on the album The braincase from the same project Izumi (guitarist and founder of Aion). J had been in the 80s roadie for Aion.

In April 2009, J announced in the 21st edition of its magazine Pyro Fanclub Magazine that he got married.

For the 14th anniversary of his solo career J brought the self cover album Fourteen- The Best of Ignitions - out in January 2011. On March 8, the curtain went up for the Musical Pink Spider that is based on hide's (X Japan) life and music. J was playing with also. The game was between the 8th and 27th March at the Tokyo Globe Theatre and then toured in April by Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya, Niigata, Sendai, and Sapporo. From 5th - 9th Mail played J under the name J 14th Anniversary Special Live Set Fire Get Higher -Fire Higher 2011 - consecutively five concerts at Shibuya -AX, where every day a different band supported him: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, Nothing's Carved in Stone, Avengers in Sci- Fi, Pay Money to My Pain and The hiatus.

Support band

  • Takashi Fujita - guitar, since 1997 ( Unit 3, Doom, The Mad Capsule Markets )
  • Scott Garrett - drums, since 1997 ( The Cult, Dag Nasty, Wired All Wrong )
  • Kazunori Mizuguchi - guitar, since 2009 -present ( Nunchaku )

Former members

  • Franz Stahl - guitar, 1997-2005 ( Scream, Wool, Foo Fighters )
  • Masasucks - guitar, 2005-2008 (Full Scratch, The Hiatus )



  • Pyromania (24 July 1997)
  • Blood Muzik (December 27, 2001)
  • Unstoppable Drive (27 November 2002)
  • Red Room ( 19 May 2004)
  • Glaring Sun (7 December 2005)
  • Urge (14 March 2007 )
  • Ride (23 April 2008)


  • Igniter # 081 ( 18 July 2002)
  • Crack Tracks (21 August 2002)
  • Go with the Devil- Crack Tracks II (July 9, 2003)
  • Stars From The Broken Night (August 5, 2009)
  • Here Comes Nameless Sunrise (16 December 2009)

Live albums

  • The Live All Of Urge (19 December 2007)


  • Blacklist -The Best of- (December 22, 2004)
  • Fourteen- The Best of Ignitions - (January 26, 2011 Self- Cover)


  • Burn Out (25 June 1997)
  • But You Said I'm Useless (22 October 1997)
  • Perfect World (25 July 2001)
  • Go Crazy (20 March 2002 )
  • Feel Your Blaze (30 October 2002)
  • Nowhere (14 April 2004)
  • Get Ready ( 6 July 2005)
  • Breakfast (9 November 2005)
  • Fly Away / Squall (12 July 2006)
  • Twister ( 7 February 2007)
  • Walk Along ~ ~ Infinite Mix ( 22 August 2007)
  • Reckless (19 March 2008)