J. Barbour and Sons

Barbour referred to in textiles products of J. Barbour & Sons, the world's best known manufacturers of wax jackets.

History of the Company Barbour

The company was founded in 1894 in South Shields in Great Britain. The founder John Barbour (* 1849, † 1918) grew up in Galloway in south west Scotland. His family can be traced back to the 14th century. John Barbour was careful in the harsh climate of Scotland on the family farm and the sheep knew weatherproof clothing therefore appreciate. At twenty, he moved to the North East of England, where he was first a commercial traveler for fabrics. Barbour married his childhood sweetheart, Margaret Haining who bore him ten children over the years and still found time to advise him in business matters. Also on their influence, it is due that Barbour took the plunge into a new industry and started to manufacture in South Shields oilskins for seafarers, fishermen and port workers what his son Malcolm Barbour further led.

Barbour dropped the export to the British colonies the foundation for a thriving export business and expanded its product range. In the two world wars, the company was a major supplier for the army and navy. Today Barbour " Hauskaros " but they are not traditional Scottish pattern ( tartan ) of the clan, but has been designed specifically in recent times for today's clothing manufacturer. Though Barbour has already provided early to overseas, the Company issued its first catalog out only in 1908. Barbour offers as many traditional British manufacturers, a change, remanufacture and repair services. In addition to the traditional wax jackets are quilted jackets of the most famous products of the company, but also other products, from the duffel coat over her sweater up to socks and accessories, are in the program.

A solid craftsmanship is distinguished by its own preset from the Barbour Clothing. Even of the thread with which the water- jacket is to be sewn, impregnated, all seams are double rolled and secured.

The company Barbour was the supplier of the British royal family and therefore may result in their coat of arms on the label.

After Barbour wanted to position in 2008 new on the market has closed the manufacturing facility in Galashiels Scottish. While other products are now manufactured in Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey shall apply to the classic wax jackets are still Made in England.


The British nobility wore Barbour jackets originally Hunting, eventually even in the city. Therefore, they had a certain prestige value, even if they do not necessarily correspond to the respective mode.