J. D. Neuhaus

JD Neuhaus is a company based in Witten, manufactures the compressed air driven hoists, winches and cranes. With an export share of more than 80% of JD Neuhaus is a global technology leader in pneumatic and hydraulic lifting equipment segment. JD Neuhaus exported to 90 countries worldwide. With its subsidiaries, the company is represented in the USA, UK, France, Singapore and China. The products are used in approximately 70 industries worldwide including mining, oil and gas exploration and processing, the chemical industry and heavy engineering.


The company was founded in 1745 by Johann Diederich Neuhaus and has remained a family business in 7th generation. It was first prepared wooden shaft winches for locks on the Ruhr. Later they were also used for the loading of goods for coal and for lifting railway wagons. Early as 1880, could be moved in this way loads up to 7,500 kg. Since 1952 presents J. D. Neuhaus with compressed air driven hoists ago, which were initially used mainly in mining, since they were both very powerful, and very safe. Since the mid- 1990s, J. D. Neuhaus is a member of the Association les Hénokiens.

Johann Diederich Neuhaus

1745 Johann Diederich Neuhaus ( 1726-1809 ) was registered in Sprockhövelsche Fabrickenbuch as a fabric edge. As a fabric square one called a master craftsman with a private company that supplied its products to the Fabrick. She was an association of independent master blacksmith who sold the forged products produced by the members at home and abroad and ordered recorded. Johann Diederich Neuhaus moved specifically to the construction of winds that apparently found a ready market.

Heinrich Wilhelm Neuhaus

In 1807 the Peace of Tilsit was closed and the Kingdom of Westphalia grace of Napoleon. This was also the end of Sprockhövelsche Fabrick. Heinrich Wilhelm Neuhaus (1765-1831) survived with his forge the hard times by selling its products in-house. In 1831 he handed over to his son Johann Diederich II a thriving business.

Johann Diederich Neuhaus II

Middle of the 19th century flourished the industry. Sales of steel products grew, the railway network was built, as well as global shipping lines. J. Diederich Neuhaus (1813-1883) built winches for the locks on the Ruhr, for horse-drawn vehicles, for lifting railway wagons, for the alignment of rails, loading of goods, and increasingly also for work in the coal mines.

Louis Neuhaus

Under Louis Neuhaus (1848-1905), the operation more and more able to specialize. Among the necessary tools in vastly growing mining was more and more the Neuhaus'sche winds. Although the company Neuhaus still did not go through the operation of an artisan blacksmith fabrication excessive production of winches addition, Louis expanded the business with much success. The Old Forge, he tore down and built a spacious new addition to the residential house in which the first driven by muscle power machines were used.

Emma Neuhaus

At the age of 57 years died Louis Neuhaus and his wife Emma Neuhaus ( 1859-1932 ) took over sole responsibility. She had to work with assistants and for particularly difficult work, she took the Master Wilhelm Müller, which made the evening hours, which is not done brought the other day. In 1907 they married. 1922 handed Emma the Neuhaus family owned her youngest son Max Neuhaus.

Max Neuhaus

Max Neuhaus (1900-1984) joined with 19 years in the firm, received power of attorney and took full responsibility. He specialized trade winds and hoists and took after the First World War, the production and repair again. 1923, the first transmission operated machine tools were purchased. 1925 Max Neuhaus received from the State Railroad Central Office in Berlin an order for 300 pieces track lifting winches. After the Second World War, it was again the mines, which required first for devices of Neuhaus. To meet the increasing demands, in 1952 already a long-planned workshop was built.

J. Diederich Neuhaus

1952 joined J. Diederich Neuhaus ( 1925-2010 ) as a young engineer in the company. He had the idea to replace the hitherto usual hand drive for JDN hoists by a pneumatic motor. This was for underground mining a most welcome innovation because with the new pneumatic hoists J. Diederich Neuhaus could be used much more effectively, efficiently and reliably. In February 2000, J. Diederich Neuhaus was awarded by the Federal President the Order of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. At the same time he received the silver badge of honor of the city of Witten.

Wilfried Neuhaus- Galladé

Wilfried Neuhaus- Galladé ( b. 1957 ) joined the company in 1986 a. He had to adapt to the changing conditions of global markets, the family business. Due to the rapid decline of the German mining industry led to major restructuring. Wilfried Neuhaus- Galladé installed a global distribution system and established subsidiaries in the USA, France, England, Singapore and China. So he could export share, the 1980 was still below 5% increase on today over 80%.


JD Neuhaus is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Since 1977 the firm of J. D. Neuhaus operates a hoist Museum in direct proximity to company headquarters in Witten. There, the development is presented, from Stone Age to the modern pneumatic lever hoist.