J. D. Parran

JD Parran is an American jazz musician and teacher and composer. Located in the avant-garde jazz and in the new Inprovisationsmusik he plays a variety of instruments, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone, as well as various clarinets, as the Old - clarinet, bass clarinet and contra - alto clarinet, and various flutes and the Nagaswaram.

Life and work

Parran attended college in St. Louis ( Missouri), then studied at the Webster University in 1971 and received the MA degree in music education at Washington University in St. Louis. During his time as a student he worked together with musicians from the Black Artists Group. From 1971 he lived in New York City, where he studied at the New School for Social Research. To date (2008) he is on the faculty of the Harlem School of the Arts where he ran their course for jazz and Afro-American music. He also taught at the City University of New York.

His career as a musician began in 1973 in the Human Arts Ensemble of Luther Thomas and is also derived from St. Louis group Third Spirit in Circuit. In the late 1970s he also played in the quintet of Leroy Jenkins (Mixed Quintet, Black Saint ) and Creative Music Orchestra of Anthony Braxton, with whom he performed in 1978 at the Moers Festival. In 1979 he was a member of the quartet of George Lewis in Germany. In 1983 he collaborated with Derek Bailey and his improvisational group Company, the then Peter Brötzmann, John Corbett, Hugh Davies, Jamie Muir, Evan Parker, Vinko Globokar, Ernst and Joëlle Léandre Reijseger belonged. In 1984 he played with Hamiet Bluiett on his album Clarinet Family and also worked at John Lindberg's work Trilogy of Works for Eleven Instrumentalists with. With the Clarinet Choir, which included also Edward Wilkerson and Mwata Bowden, he joined in 1986 in Moers. In 1988, he played in Julius Hemphills Big Band; in the 1990s he worked with Don Byron ( Plays the Music of Mickey Katz and You Are # 6), Anthony Braxton (Four (Ensemble ) Compositions ) and Annea Lockwood ( Thousand Year Dreaming ).

Since 1992, he has played with Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg, Gerry Hemingway and Formation in the New Winds. Furthermore, he was with James Jabbo Ware & The Me We And Them Orchestra in Europe. In 1997, he worked at Ken Peplowskis with Grenadilla Clarinet Project, 1999, he worked with Alan Silva and the Sound Visions Orchestra. For a long time he was a member of Anthony Davis ' Episteme ensemble.

Parran has received throughout his career with artists such as Stevie Wonder and John Lennon. In 2008, he worked with singer Rosemary George and ensemble hellacious, but also with guitarist Angelo Branford.

As a sideman, he has recorded 45 albums. JD Parran released an album under his own name, JD Parran & Spirit Stage ( 2002).