J. F. Schwarzlose Söhne

J. F. Schwarzlose sons was an existing until the 1970s company in the field of drug trafficking in Berlin.


1856 founded the piano maker Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose the drugstore JF Schwarzlose sons for his children Franz, Kurt, Max and Hedwig. This went so soon in the perfume production, their business was in the Markgrafenstraße 29, 1858, the takeover of Parfümeriefarbrik Trust & Nuglisch, which was founded in 1823 in Berlin and was a supplier of the court. From then on, the name was changed as J. F. Schwarzlose sons - Trust & Nuglisch. In 1897 it came to conversion to open trading company; record the company and the entry of the partner Franz Köthner are.

In 1900, the company operated under the Hohenzollern Perfumery Schwarzlose sons as " purveyor to His Majesty the Emperor and King ." The name was also applied in Chinese nobility an echo, like a bottle from the collection of the last emperor Pu Yi's busy. 1902 was Ernst Köthner, grandson of Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose, the sole owner of the company JF Schwarzlose sons. The company began to expand, from Europe to Asia to Australia.

In 1922 the company was renamed in J. F. Schwarzlose Söhne GmbH Ernst and Hedwig Köthner. The factory was located in the Dreysestraße 5, Moabit was kind of a GmbH, the shop in the Markgrafenstraße 29 became the office. The company survived the inflation and brought it again to world fame. We moved in September 1930 modernized shops in the Leipziger Strasse 113 In November of the same year Ernst Köthner died, his son Werner took over and was, when four years later the mother Hedwig died Köthner, sole Managing Director. From 1937, the GmbH is the company J. F. Schwarzlose sons in Leipziger Strasse / Wall Street continued, was led, as usual, perfumery and fine toiletries.

After 1944 factory and shops were destroyed, took 1947 Anni Köthner the activities of the company back on, first in Hamburg, then again in Berlin. 1961 brought the Wall difficulties for the company, as offices in Prenzlauer Berg, Leipziger Strasse and Moabit were separated. In 1965 Anni Müller- Godet, born Köthner new managing director. She gave on March 3, 1976, the company J. F. Schwarzlose sons on final. The company was founded in 2012 under the name of J. F. Schwarzlose Berlin revived.


At the turn of the century launched the now imperial- royal supplier JF Schwarzlose sons of the woman 's fragrance " 1A -33 ". The unusual title referred to the automobile license plate for Berlin and thus elevated the company to a home center German perfume production. The value held in the art deco style glass bottle reached into the glass mold and label the idea of ​​the radiator grille - a reference to the glamorous lifestyle in the intellectually shaped and free-spirited even in imperial times German capital. Other important products were

  • Meeting 8 clock,
  • Rosa centifolia,
  • Lilaflor,
  • Jockey Club,
  • Kyphi,
  • JSera,
  • Peau D' Espagne,
  • Frappanta lily of the valley,
  • Hyazina,
  • Fringed Pink,
  • Royalin,
  • Juchten,
  • Violette Sola Vera,
  • Chic,
  • Hohenzollern violets.