J. Francis Harter

John Francis Harter ( born September 1, 1897 in Perry, Wyoming County, New York, † December 20, 1947 in Ville Eggert, New York ) was an American politician. Between 1939 and 1941 he represented the State of New York in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Francis Harter attended the public schools of his home. During the First World War, he served in an officer training camp in Virginia. After a subsequent law studies at the University of Buffalo and his 1920 was admitted as a lawyer in Buffalo, he began to work in his new profession. Politically, he joined the Republican Party.

In the congressional elections of 1938, Harter was the 41st electoral district of New York in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where he succeeded the Democrat Alfred F. Beiter on January 3, 1939. Since he has not been confirmed in 1940, he was able to complete only one term in Congress until January 3, 1941. During this time, the last New Deal legislation of the Roosevelt administration there have been adopted.

After his time in the U.S. House of Representatives Harter practiced as a lawyer again. He died on December 20, 1947 in Ville Eggert.