J. Jon Bruno

Joseph Jon Bruno ( born November 17 1946) is an American, Anglican Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Los Angeles United States of America.


After leaving school, Bruno was initially as a police officer working in the city of Burbank in California. In addition, he was a football player for the Denver Broncos under contract. After a sports injury Bruno had to give up his career as a football player and a policeman. Bruno studied Anglican theology and reached in 1977 a Master of Divinity at Virginia Theological Semiar. 1978 Bruno was ordained a priest by Bishop Robert Claflin Rusack and then worked as a priest among other things, in the parish of St. Athanasius in Los Angeles, where he helped to found the Cathedral Center in Echo Park district. On 13 November 1999 Bruno Bischofkoadjutor in Los Angeles. On 29 April 2000, he was ordained by Bishop Richard Lester Shimpfky and Frederick Borsch and Chester Lovelle Talton at the Los Angeles Convention Center to the bishop. 2001 Bruno received an honorary doctorate from the Virginia Theological Semiar. On 1 February 2002, Bruno was the successor of Frederick Borsch bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. Bruno is married to Mary Bruno and they have three children.