J. Karjalainen

Jukka Tapio " J. " Karjalainen ( born April 1, 1957 in Helsinki) is a Finnish singer and musician.


His first publication was in 1981, J. Karjalainen yes Mustat lasit (J. Karjalainen and the black glasses) on the Finnish music label Poko Rekords, where his following recordings have been released. While the previous albums were heavily influenced by pop- up pop music, contemporary songs are attributed to the blues. Karjalainen traveled in the footsteps of Finnish emigrants through the northern United States and reached their music tradition. He accompanies his songs on the guitar and often on a banjo. There are also acoustic instruments such as accordion and double bass. Characteristic for the 2006-2010 three albums appeared on " America Finnish Folk Songs " is Karjalainen's rough voice.





  • Kokoelma (1983)
  • Poko klassikko (1987 )
  • Suurimmat hitit (1992 )
  • Vanhaa rautaa - keihäänkärkiä 1992-2004 (2004)
  • Juhlakokoelma 1981-2005 ' (2005)
  • Mikae mahtaa olla in? (2004)