J. M. Meulenhoff

JM Meulenhoff (mostly only the short form Meulenhoff is needed ) is a Dutch book publisher. He is one of the largest in the Netherlands and has its corporate headquarters in Amsterdam.


The publishing house was founded in 1895 by John Marius Meulenhoff as an import bookstore. The in the 1960s increasingly incipient expansion of the company led in 1991 to a takeover of the publishing group Malherbe Groep (including AW Bruna Uitgevers Uitgeverij Prometheus and Uitgeverij Bert Bakker (1992)).

1994 Meulenhoff was even picked up by the publishing group PCM Uitgevers, who had already been involved under its previous name " Perscombinatie " up to that point to the publisher. The expansion continued then with the acquisitions of Thieme ( 1994), SMD (1995), Uitgeverij Arena (1997) and Uitgeverij Het Spectrum ( with Boeknet ) (1999 ).

2000, the cross- holding " Meulenhoff & Co " to " PCM Algemene Boeken " and " ThiemeMeulenhoff " was divided. The latter of publishers Meulenhoff Educatief, Thieme and SMD was formed from a merger and since then has been within PCM Uitgevers as an independent educational publishing group component dar.

Publishing program

The approximately 400 titles comprehensive publishing program consists of novels, books of poetry, essays, and nonfiction.

In addition to the Dutch authors such as Maarten Biesheuvel, Kees Ouwens and Jan Wolkers also translations of Gabriel García Márquez, Günter Grass, Amos Oz, Rainer Maria Rilke, Leo Tolstoy and others found in the program, further also the Afrikaans writer André Brink and Etienne van Heerden. In the years 1962-2005 JM Meulenhoff was also editor of the literary magazine De Gids, now " Balans " appears at the publisher.