J. P. Kepka

J. P. Kepka ( born March 6, 1984 in St. Louis) is an American short track runner.

J. P. Kepka began in 1989 with the speed skating. Getting good results he achieved ten years later at the national junior level. In 1998 he won the junior title in the all around, he was fourth in 1999 and 12th in the seniors in the all around. In 2000 he was fifth in the U.S. Championships, a year later he won the bronze medal at the U.S. Junior Championships and finished fourth at the Olympic trials. He was second in the U.S. Junior Championships in 2002 and also celebrated his international breakthrough. At the Junior World Championships, he won the team silver and was third in the U.S. all-around championships. At the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, he was inducted into the season, the fourth-placed as a medal narrowly missed ..

2003 Kepka third in the U.S. Championships on the 3000 - meter course, in 2004, finally second in the all around. In 2004 he also took part in the first World Championships. About 500 meters Kepka finished fifth over 1000 meters and in the all around roller and with the season he won the bronze medal. This he also won in his second Olympic Winter Games 2006 in Turin.