J. Presper Eckert

John Presper Eckert ( born April 9, 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † June 3, 1995 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania) was an American computer pioneer. Together with John W. Mauchly, he constructed the 1946 ENIAC. Mauchly focused on the overall design of the tube computer while Eckert developed the electronic circuits.

The Eckert - Mauchly Computer Corporation was awarded soon after by the National Bureau of Standards ( Bureau of Standards ) the order, the first commercially produced computer to build the Universal Automatic Computer ( UNIVAC ). After 1950, the Eckert - Mauchly Computer Corporation was in financial difficulties, it was purchased by the Remington Rand Corporation.

In December 1950, the UNIVAC I was ready. Eckert remained with Remington Rand, later Sperry and Unisys, and held senior positions. In 1989 he left Unisys, the company was but continued as a consultant.

The Eckert - Mauchly Award for computer architecture of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society is named after him and Mauchly.