J.J.L. Duyvendak

January Julius Lodewijk Duyvendak ( born June 28, 1889 in Harlingen, † July 9, 1954 in Leiden ) was a Dutch sinologist. He was a lecturer from 1919, from 1930 Professor of Chinese Studies at Leiden University, where he served 1952/53, as rector.

Duyvendak conducted research on the Chinese overseas relations and translated the Shangjunshu (Chinese商君 书), also known as short Shangzi, a masterpiece of Chinese legalism, under the title The Book of Lord Shang into English.


  • The Book of Lord Shang: a classic of the Chinese school of law. London: Probsthain 1928 ( online text ) (RTF, 1.9 MB)
  • Ma Huan re - Examined. Amsterdam: Noord- Hollandse 1933
  • China 's Discovery of Africa. London: Probsthain 1949.

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Name Variants

Jan JL Duyvendak, Jan Julius Lodewijk Duyvendak, Jan Julius Lodewyk Duyvendak, Jan Julius Lodewyk Duijvendak, Jan Julius Lodewijk Duijvendak, Jan Julius Duyvendak, JJL Duyvendak, JJL Duijvendak, Jan Julius Duijvendak, Jan Duijvendak JL, JL Duyvendak Jean, Jean Julius Lodewijk Duyvendak Jean Julius Lodewyk Duyvendak, Jean Julius Lodewyk Duijvendak, Jean Julius Lodewijk Duijvendak, Jean JL Duijvendak