Jabel is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is goods with headquarters in the city goods managed by the Office Lakelands (Müritz).


The community Jabel in the Mecklenburg Lake District is about ten miles from Waren (Müritz). The densely wooded area around Jabel surrounds the lake and the Loppiner Jabelschen lake, connected with the Great Lakes ( Kölpinsee and Fleesensee ). Between Jabelschem and Kölpinsee is the peninsula Damerower Werder - a Special Protection Area, in the 1957 European bison live in an outdoor enclosure. The western part of the municipality is located in the Natural Park Nossentin / Schwinzer Heath.

At Jabel include the districts Damerow and Loppin.


In 1256, the original Slavic populated place first emerged as Jabele on in a document. The name comes from the Old Slavic jablŭ = apple tree. Village and church were sacked twice during the Thirty Years' War and rebuilt.

On November 1, 1806 Blucher's troops under Yorck lost in the forest between Jabel and Nossentin a battle of the Fourth Coalition war against France. The place is still called battlefield today. A monument commemorates there at the fights. 1859, the village church was rebuilt after a fire. Pastor was here, among other things the uncle of the famous Low German writer Fritz Reuter, the Jabel " lying in paradise " known as.

Fritz Reuter was demoted from his family in the seclusion of this paradise. He should win here against his lifestyle distance that had to be referred to as " wet - happy " after a few efficient law school, active fraternity and subsequent detention, pictorially. However, the project was relatively unsuccessful. Some of his stories - and Others " De Koster up de Kindelbiehr " from " The Louse and Rimels " - give an insight into the exuberant life he is said to have performed together with the farmers here. What it is poetry and truth, no one knows for sure, but securitized is that the poet has spent the summer of 1841 in the town.

In GDR times, was between Jabel and Plau a children's summer camp and at the same time built training center for the State forestry and entertained.

Jabel has long been developed through the forest and abundance of water to a resort with holiday resort, campsites, restaurants and marina.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Jabel was approved on 25 November 2009 by the Home Office and registered under No. 329 of the coat of arms role of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Description: The three districts Jabel, Damerow and Loppin be symbolized by three apples on an apple tree. The apple tree symbolizes the origin of the place name Jabel from the Old Slavic. Three golden shaft threads point to the location of the place on Jabelschen lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District. In the municipal coat of arms is also a bison is shown, which symbolizes the bison herd on the Damerower Werder Peninsula.


  • The village church in Jabel was erected in 1868 on the foundations of the burned down medieval church.
  • The vicarage opposite the church was built in its present form in 1824. On the parsonage located next to a 300 year old yew also huge winter Linden.
  • Wisentgehege on the Damerower Werder


Jabel is located on the road connecting Malchow to Waren (Müritz), which leads north to the Great Lakes ( Fleesensee and Kölpinsee ). The approximately one kilometer outlying Jabel station is on the railway line - formerly " Mecklenburg Southern Railway " - from Waren (Müritz) about Malchow and Lübz to Parchim.