Jack Sholder

Jack Sholder ( born June 8, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American film and television director and screenwriter. In the film and television industry, he is known primarily for its exciting, action-packed and humorous movies.


Sholder began his career in the film business in 1973 with the production of the short film The Garden Party. In 1981, he was the first and unique active as an editor and took part in the film Burning Vengeance. The following year he turned with Two hours before midnight, his first feature film

After the huge success of Wes Craven's horror shocker Nightmare - Elm Street, the " debut" of Freddy Krueger, Sholder was committed by former New Line Cinema producer Robert Shaye, 1985 to stage the second part of the series. It brought Sholder especially black humor into the movie, so that he could repeat the success of its predecessor.

This was followed especially horror movies, but occasionally Sholder also worked for television and some television series.

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