Jack Smight

Jack Smight ( born March 9, 1925 in Minneapolis, Minnesota; † 1 September 2003 in Los Angeles, California ) was an American film and television director.

His career as a director, he began in 1949 with the staging of several episodes of the television series One Man's Family. This was followed up in the 1960s, especially television productions of various TV series, such as four episodes of The Twilight Zone. In 1960, he turned with Destiny, West! his first feature film. Four years later, he was with I'd Rather Be Rich made ​​his feature film debut as a director. Now Until the early 1970s he turned movies, then again, he worked for various television series. In 1973, he turned with Double Indemnity remote honor makeup of the classic Double Indemnity. The highlight of his career was finally staging the war film Battle of Midway in 1976. In 1989, he turned with his latest film The Favorite.

Jack Smight had served twice as a producer: 1965 for the film The Third Day, and five years later in his own film The Traveling Executioner.

In 1959, he was honored for his work on the series Alcoa Theatre with an Emmy.

From 1951 to 2002 he was married to actress Joyce Cunning. Together they had two children, her son Alec Smight has worked as an editor in the film business.

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