Jackson (Michigan)

Jackson County


Jackson is a city and the county seat of Jackson County in the U.S. state of Michigan. In the 2000 census, it had 36,316 inhabitants. Was named the city after the Democratic President Andrew Jackson.

29 km southeast of Jackson is the Michigan International Speedway, held a race track on the race of the NASCAR and the Indy Racing League.


Jackson is located on the Grand River about 100 km west of Detroit. The city area is 28.7 km ², of which all is land area.


On July 3, 1829 step Horace Blackman, along with Alexander Laverty, a land surveyor, and an Indian guide to Grand River and encamped on at today's Trail and S. Jackson Street. Blackman hired Laverty and Pewytum to lead him to the west. After they survey the land, they returned to Ann Arbor and Blackman registered his claim to 160 acres (65 hectares ) at a price of U.S. $ 2 per acre. Blackman returned in August 1829 with his brother Russell back to Jackson founded the city Jacksonopolis. Later it was renamed to Jackson Burgh and 1838 one changed the name again to today's short form.

Jackson is the birthplace of the Republican Party. Undeniably, the fact that the first official meeting of the group, the "Republicans " called themselves, on 6 July 1854 took place in Jackson under the oaks. Previous meetings of groups that later formed the Republicans were held in Ripon, Exeter and Crawfordsville, who also call themselves the birthplace of the Republican Party.

Since it was very hot at the General Meeting, and the large amount not found in the Town Hall Square, the convention was held at a group of oak trees on the outskirts. This place is now popularly called Under the Oaks.


According to the United States Census 2000, there were 36 316 inhabitants in 14,210 households and 8,668 families. The population was composed of 73.87 % White, 19.70% Black and 0.51 % Asian. Hispanics or Latinos represented 3.67% of the population. The per capita income was 15,230 U.S. dollars and 19.6 % of the population lived below the poverty line.


Two major employers in the city are CMS Energy, the large parts of Michigan power and natural gas, as well as Allegiance Health. Both have their headquarters in Jackson, as well as Dawn Foods, a food and bakery companies.

The city currently levies a tax of 1 % for residents and businesses in the city and 0.5 % of Foreign who work in the city. The income tax provides revenue of 7 million U.S. dollars, which accounts for 32% of the annual budget.


Jackson is located at the intersection of Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 127 on Interstate 94 can be reached in 45 minutes Ann Arbor and Detroit in 80 minutes to the east and 70 minutes Kalamazoo in the West. On U.S. Highway 127 can be reached in 45 minutes East Lansing in the north.

Amtrak has a stop in Jackson, offering three daily connection from Chicago to Pontiac over Detroit in both directions.

In Jackson is also home to the Jackson County Airport. The bus company Michigan Flyer also operates connections to the Detroit airport.

The Jackson Transit Authority operates eight bus routes and will be supplemented over long distances by Greyhound Lines.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kara Braxton, basketball player
  • Daniel Coats, politician ( Republican)
  • Tony Dungy, football player and coach
  • Clyde L. Herring, politician (Democratic Party)
  • Charles Kiraly, volleyball player
  • William Porter, Athlete
  • Potter Stewart, from 1958 to 1981, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Savante Stringfellow, Athlete
  • Alfred Merrill Worden, astronaut

Twin Cities

  • Germany Varel, Lower Saxony
  • Northern Ireland Carrickfergus, Antrim