Jacob Georg Christian Adler

Jakob Georg Christian Adler ( born December 8, 1756 in Arnis at Kappeln, Schleswig; † August 22, 1834 in Giekau at Luetjenburg ) was a German general superintendent for Holstein and Schleswig, orientalist, professor of Syriac language at the University of Copenhagen, Protestant theologian, Oberkonsistorialrat, writer, educator, Coin and CEO of Schleswig -Holstein Bible Society.


Adler received, among other things, private lessons from his father, who was a pastor in Altona, and visited the local Christianeum, then he studied theology at the Christian- Albrechts- University, Kiel, and Orientalia at Oluf Gerhard Tychsen at the University Biitzow (Mecklenburg- Vorpommern) and Rostock. In the years 1780 to 1782, he traveled to Italy, France, Holland and Belgium. On this trip he stayed 15 months in Rome and was informed by Egyptian monks in Coptic and Arabic scholarly; to major European libraries, especially in Rome, he devoted himself to the study of Greek and Oriental, especially Syriac manuscripts of the Bible. He wrote two books about his travels and stays.

After his return Adler 1783 Professor of the Syrian, in 1785 preacher at the German Friedrich Church in Copenhagen, in 1788 professor of theology and 1789 German court preacher in Copenhagen a year. After that he worked since 1792 as General Superintendent of Schleswig and after the death of his colleague Johann Leonhard Callisen 1806 of Holstein. In this role, he authored the 1797 published, shaped by the theology of the Enlightenment Schleswig- Holsteinisch church liturgy.

Adler has authored numerous scientific works, among other things, the Syriac and old Arabic script. He was a doctor of philosophy, and in 1833 the ( Protestant ) theology. One of his main achievements was the school reform in Schleswig -Holstein.


Jacob Georg Christian Adler was the son of theologians, archaeologists, archaeologist and author Georg Christian Adler (1724-1804) and Johanna Elisa Schultze ( 1729-1806 ). He had five siblings.

Adler was married twice: On December 8, 1787 he married his Konfirmandin Dorothea Maria Lorck, the daughter of his deceased predecessor in 1785 as a German preacher of the Bible collector Josiah Lorck. She was born on July 12, 1772 and was related both with Caspar Aquila as well as about their grandmother Birte / Bridget of air tubes with Matthias Claudius. Your ancestor was born in 1566 Mary Lorck was also ancestress of Johannes Brahms and Theodor Storm. With her he had had nine children before she died on 18 March 1804. On July 16, 1805 Eagle entered into a second marriage to Luise Dorothea Lederer ( 1775-1844 ). From his first marriage comes Josias Georg Stephan Borgia ( born October 29, 1792) and Friedrich August ( born September 3, 1794); from his second marriage Karl Ferdinand ( born August 24, 1808).


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