Jacques Dupont (cyclist)

Jacques Dupont ( born June 19, 1928 in Lézat -sur- Lèze ) is a former French cyclist. Dupont was successful both in road cycling as well as in track cycling.

Jacques Dupont in 1948 French military champion on the road and national champion of the amateurs in the trajectory tracking. At the Olympic Summer Games 1948 in London Dupont went to both the road race and on the track where he won the gold medal in the 1000m time trial. In the team standings of the road race, the French squad with Dupont, José Beyaert and Alain Moineau won the bronze medal. Dupont was 1949 again French champion in the individual pursuit and then moved on to the professional cyclists.

Dupont won numerous races as a professional, including 1954, the French road championship in 1951 and 1955, the cycling classic Paris -Tours. In 1960, he finished his career.