Jacques Forestier

Jacques Forestier ( born July 27, 1890 in Aix -les- Bains, † 15 March 1978 in Paris) was a French internist and rheumatologist, and Olympic silver medalist - in rugby union.


Forestier was a war hero of World War I, he was accepted at the rank of Commander in the Legion of Honor and awarded the Order of Croix de Guerre with multiple tape requirements and the Order of Merit. He was a successful sportsman, France at international competitions in rugby, swimming and skiing represented. With the French rugby selection, he won the silver medal at the 1920 Summer Olympics; next to the game against the USA in the Olympic tournament, he completed yet another match against Wales at the Five Nations Championship Five Nations 1920.

Forestier studied medicine in Paris, where he was a pupil of Jean- Athanase Siccard.

In 1928 he became director of the treatment center in Aix -les- Bains, succeeding his father.

He is the discoverer of myelography with oily contrast medium. In the 1930s, he treated patients with rheumatoid arthritis with a gold compound. His therapy was based on the widespread but false assumption, rheumatoid arthritis is an atypical form of tuberculosis. However, it was the first effective therapy and was not replaced until the end of the 80s by treatments with corticoids.

In 1953 he first described the senile hyperostosis ( Forestier 's disease ), better known today Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis under the name.


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