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Jacques Jacob Lousy ( born February 27, 1865 in Leipzig, † February 23, 1954 in London ) was a German - British chess player and especially chess writer.

Origin and family

Jacques was the scion of a Lousy from Brody (then Austria - Hungary, today Ukraine) originating Jewish merchant family. He had a cousin Viktor Lousy (lawyer in Leipzig, 1861-1939 ), who emerged as a writer of chess compositions. His uncle Samuel Lousy ( spa doctor in Landeck and Bad Ems, 1841-1884 ) was a strong chess player. The uncle Fabius Lousy (1824-1898) lived as a poet, philosopher and biographer in Breslau and Leipzig. His daughter, Jacques' cousin Selma (1884-1930) coined as an inspector of the Jewish charity Leipzig.


Lousy attended the Thomas School in Leipzig. He studied after high school science at the University of Leipzig and at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin, where he became a member of the Berlin Chess Club. In 1888 he celebrated his first major success at the Leipzig chess tournament in third place. Initially, he composed - as well as his cousin - even chess problems, but gave this up in favor of tournament chess. Until his emigration he lived in Waldstraßenviertel in Leipzig. 1937 Lousy broke in an accident during the tournament in Kemeri (Latvia ) in a bus both legs, which he remained for nine months tied to the bed. As Jews were increasingly persecuted, Lousy left Germany in 1938. He emigrated to England and adopted in the late 1940s the British citizenship.

Lousy initiated a series of international tournaments as a referee and worked as a journalist. He wrote chess columns and tournament reports for newspapers throughout Europe. How many Grand Master he was also blind and simultaneous exhibitions. Also, as an organizer of tournaments he entered appearance, for example, 1911 in San Sebastián, where he sat for the first time that the master players did not have to pay for travel and accommodations.

In addition Lousy was also an important author and theorist, among other things, he was the successor of Jean Dufresne on several editions across the renowned Little textbook of chess out.

1906, they succeeded Lousy in Ostend, to put Michael Chigorin matt in 16 moves.

In 1950 he was among the first 27 players, those of the World Chess Federation FIDE awarded the title of International Grand Master (IGM). Therefore, he is also regarded as the first British Grand Master. The first British-born grandmaster was the late Tony Miles in 2001.

From 1888 to 1948 Jacques took Lousy part in chess tournaments the master class. Overall, he played throughout his career whose 60th He finished 1907 in Vienna and 1923 in Liverpool the first place. In 1927 he participated in the Chess Olympiad in London. In addition, he played 20 duels.

He remained surprisingly fresh to old age. Every day he made ​​his calisthenics, even went swimming every day at 86 years and made in Hyde Park pushups. Even with 88 years he took part in the London Blitz Championship and had a keen interest in everything that was going on in the world. Shortly before his 89th birthday, he died on 23 February 1954 in London.


Lousy best historical Elo rating was 2660th This he achieved in August, 1907. Occasionally it was number 9 in the world rankings. According to him, the Lousy - opening, Lousy - variant in the Scottish game and the Lousy Gambit in the Scandinavian Defense ( 1.e2 -e4 d7 -d5 2.e4xd5 Dd8xd5 3.Sb1 - c3 - a5 4.b2 Qd5 - b4) named. Over 40 titles to play chess, the catalog listed in the German Library of him, including some textbooks and manuals of chess, some of which were re-laid in the fifties and translated into other languages.

Chess composition

From Lousy some two-and three Züger are known, including two miniatures.

Solution: 1 Bc5!

1 ... 2 KD5 Ne7 KC4 ( 2 ... any third Qf5 matte) 3 matt Dc2

1 ... 2 Se3 any Ke4 ( 2 ... any third Dc2 matte) 3 Qf5 matt

There are two dual Matt:

1 ... 2 KD5 Ne7 Ke4 3 matt De3

1 ... Kb3 2 Se3 Ka4 3 Da2 matt