Jacques Simon (footballer)

Jacques Simon ( born March 25, 1941 in Omonville-la-Rogue/Manche ), known as " Jacky ", is a former French footballer.

Club career

Located close to the Cap de la Hague grown inside forward came with 18 by an amateur club for AS Cherbourg, increased with the club at the end of the season 1959/60 in the Division 2 and developed there in the next three years because of its speed, its technical assets and his goalscoring team regular. The small, slender Norman made ​​his physical shortcomings by his fighting spirit betting - and that in a double sense: his heart beat even with great effort with an extremely low frequency, which allowed him an enormous stamina.

For the season 1963/64, it undertook the competitor and Erstligaaufsteiger FC Nantes, in which Jacques Simon quickly found a determining role under coach José Arribas and relevant portion of Nantes ' was flying high. The first year in footballing House of Lords ended the newcomer on the 8th Place. But the following season included the above because of their yellow dresses les Canaris kicker surprising as champions from - and " Jacky " won with 24 hits, the top scorer. Even before the end of the season he also played for the first time for the national team. Had 1965/66 managed the club from Nantes to defend the title to the Simon again a two-digit number of " stalls " contributed, even though he often gave the new Goalgetter Philippe Gondet who inherited him as top scorer in the league the ultimate template. He also was the first time in the country's cup final, where then, however, Racing Strasbourg 1-0 prevailed because it Alsatians managed over 90 minutes, Simon and Gondet off. 1966/67, followed by the runner-up behind the AS Saint- Étienne, another rising star in the French association football, a year later, the FC Nantes had seventh nothing to do with the championship output. After five successful years at the Canaris, in which Jacques Simon is developing into a national greatness and for which he spared from serious injuries, only a handful had missed games and scored more than 70 points Goals, he signed in 1968 a contract with Bordeaux.

The very first year in Bordeaux could be for him successfully: the 1968/69 season ended the Girondins after a head - to-head race with Saint- Étienne as a runner, " Jacky " did it by his 14 goals on the seventh place among the best scorers and in May 1969 he stood for the second time in the cup final. This, however, was again won by the opponent, and as in 1966 the Strasbourg left Olympique Marseille's defense this time no results of Simon or his teammates. The following year, with Bordeaux league only sixth, then he moved to Red Star. Even if he made ​​good money there: he was the next three years in the unfamiliar situation, instead of the title only to play against relegation. Meanwhile, mostly in midfield, he rarely also scored goals. After a 15th and a 17th Place Red Star was the end of the 1972/73 season on the 19th, the penultimate place in the standings; Jacques Simon wanted to be a return to the second division no longer do that and ended with 32 years of his professional career.


  • Tax d' Équeurdreville -Hainneville (up to 1959)
  • Association Sportive de Cherbourg- Stella (1959-1963)
  • Football Club de Nantes (1963-1968)
  • Girondins de Bordeaux (1968-1970)
  • Red Star de Paris (1970-1973)

National players

Between March 1965 ( debut in the 1-2 home defeat against Austria ) and in March 1969 " Jacky " was also appointed to 15 games in the A national team of France, in which he, however, only managed a hit. 13 of these missions were in his time at Nantes, two, while he was playing for Bordeaux. He was a 1966 World Cup squad and was in two of the three matches of the Équipe Tricolore on the English lawn.

Life after the player time

Jacques Simon returned to the coast of the English Channel and operated a sporting goods business in Carentan, where he incidentally the local amateur club Club Sportif Carentan trained. Later worked " Jacky " in a supplier company for the Flamanville nuclear power plant; He now lives as a pensioner near Cherbourg.


  • French Champion: 1965, 1966 ( and runner-up 1967, 1969)
  • French Cup Winner: None, but a finalist in 1966, 1969
  • 302 games and 98 matches in Division 1, of which 156 /73 Nantes, 60/18 for Bordeaux and 86/7 for Red Star
  • Top scorer: 1965
  • 8 games (2 goals ) in the European Champions Cup
  • 15 A internationals to score a goal; World Cup participant in 1966