Jacques Swaters

Jacques Swaters ( born October 30, 1926 in Brussels, † December 10, 2010 ) was a Belgian racing driver and team owner.


Jacques Swaters made ​​his race debut at the 24 Hours of Spa in 1948, together with his compatriot Paul Frère as second pilot on a MG.

Swaters 1950 was one of the founders of the " Ecurie Belgique ", which was in the 1950s in sports car racing and Formula 1 at the start. Swaters drove vehicles at the beginning of the German brand Veritas. In 1951, he came into Formula 1 André Pilette, which was provided as a driver, had been injured, whereupon Swaters at the Nürburgring ran his first single-seater racing at the Grand Prix of Germany. In 1953 he drove the Ferrari 500 of the Ecurie in two World Cup races and won in the fall of the Formula 2 race at the AVUS.

1952 founded Swaters also his own racing team Ecurie Francorchamps the. In Formula 1, Swaters went with a Ferrari 625F1 at the start, in the sports car world championship with a Jaguar C -Type. The formula sport was only a sideshow, Swaters celebrated his greatest successes as a driver in a sports car.

In 1954, he was with Roger Laurent fourth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a success he in 1955 with the third overall surpassed. His partner this time was Johnny Claes. In 1956, he rounded off his Le Mans success with another fourth place. 1955 and 1956 was the race car, a Jaguar D -Type, 1956 Freddy Rouselle his partner.

1957, after his last Le Mans start, Swaters himself retired from active racing and took care of from now on the organization of the successful Ecurie Francorchamps.

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