The Sinfonia di caccia or hunting Symphony is a three-movement Symphony by Leopold Mozart.

The hunt symphony originated in the fifties of the 18th century. It is preserved in two manuscripts. The title page of the Vienna manuscript, entitled: The Hunt Symphony / 4 Violins / 4 Corni ex D / 2 Corni ex G / 2 Violi / a Kugelbichse / et / Basso / del Sig Leopold Mozart. The Augsburg manuscript is named Sinfonia di Caccia | à | 2 Violini | Viola | 4 Corni obligati | et | Basso | A: Sig: Leopoldo Mozart.

The set of names:

  • Allegro
  • Andante un poco più tosto allegretto a gusto d 'un echo
  • Menuet

Leopold Mozart wrote to perform the symphony:

" In the first place would be the g horn geploßen quite rough as it ALSs namely bey the yacht usually so forte always possible. item can also be a hunting horn as his bey. Then you should have quite a few dogs that bark, but the cries of the other together ho ho sever. but only 6 Tact long "


  • Archives of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna ( ms. no. 13/23533 )
  • Oettingen - Wallersteinsche collection of Augsburg University Library ( ms. no. III, 4 °, 1/2 4537 )


  • Bulkhead
  • Eulenburg