Jagel is a municipality in Schleswig in Schleswig -Flensburg district in Schleswig -Holstein. Klosterkrug, Heidberg and Mielberg belong to the municipality.


Jagel located on a vast outwash plain. In the surrounding peat bogs.

The place was 1323 on the occasion of his donation to the St. John's Monastery before Schleswig first time. The place name derives from Djagel ( Grove, later thieves grove ).


Of the eleven seats in the municipal council voters Community ABJ has since the local elections in 2013 six seats and voters Community KWJ five.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In a rooted green, fruit-bearing silver double oak, which include both branches of a golden eagle, whose left wing with the feathers on top. "

The double oak to take on the place name reference. The eagle with the mutually- turned- swing comes from the coat of arms of the medieval noble family of Alversdorp. It is attested in a donation document from the year 1323 as a seal.


By Jagel through the B77 runs, among other things, this leads to the motorway exit Schleswig / Jagel on the A7, which runs not far from Jagel. On the stretch between junctions (6a ) Jagel / Freese village and Owschlag is a highway airstrip that can be made ​​operational within a short time in the defense case.


Due to its central location and located in the municipality " Aerodrome Schleswig " many commercial and service enterprises have settled in Jagel.

In Jagel is located in an old gravel pit, a water-plant, on the championships also be performed.