Jago (car)

The Jago Automotive Ltd.. was a British automobile manufacturer that was based in Chichester ( Sussex ) 1965-1997. There a number of kit cars were built, which looked similar to the Jeep models.

In 1965, Geoff Geoff Jago Jago the company Custom Automotive Ltd. for the production of vehicles similar to the Hot Rods. In 1971, he put forth the vehicle for which the company should be known to the Jago Geep. The car had a body made ​​of fiberglass, which was taken from an original Willys Jeep from World War II. They rested on the chassis of a Ford Anglia 105E. In 1974, another version based on the Morris Minor and 1976 to a version on a Ford Escort base.

In 1979 the company was renamed in Jago Automotive.

In 1983, the Jago Samuri, a four-seater beach buggy presented. The kit car cost £ 795 plus tax.

In 1991, the model was renamed Jago Geep Sandero in order to avoid copyright and trademark legal problems. The latest version on the chassis of Suzuki 4x4 came in 1994, but sales collapsed, and as the last kit was about 1997.