Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F -Type Convertible (since 2013)

The Jaguar F -Type is a sports car of the British car manufacturer Jaguar, which has been available since May 2013.

Its world premiere of the F- Type to the Paris Motor Show in 2012. Already at the IAA 2011 presented Jaguar with the C- X16 a very near-production version of the coupe. For the launch of the F -Type is available in three variants F -Type ( 250 kW ), F -Type S ( 280 kW ) and F -Type V8 S ( 364 kW) available.

Jaguar is the F -Type in the tradition of 1974 set the E-Type. The F -Type is a completely new development. It is significantly smaller than the still offered sports car XK / XKR. The body is based on a new aluminum platform, which will be later used for the successor to the XK and XF models.

Body versions

The F -Type was born on May 25, 2013 first as a convertible with a soft top on the market. The coupe version was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2013. The European launch is planned for the second quarter of 2014.

Rear view



The fabric roof of the convertible can be in the state and while driving up to 50 km / h open and close. From a speed of 100 km / h at the stern automatically from a spoiler to increase the contact pressure at the rear axle.

The exhaust system is in the V6 models from a centered double-flow exhaust tailpipe, whereas the V8 version has features four exhaust system with two exhaust pipes left and right. The two more powerful versions are equipped as standard with an active exhaust system that are in the open at a speed of 3000 rpm the exhaust valves together to create a thicker sound. In the V8 version beyond the bypass valves can be opened manually in the exhaust system by means of a sound button on the center console. In the smaller models, each of these features are optional.

The instrument holder is, in contrast to other Jaguar models equipped with two analog dial instruments that are combined with a 5 -inch TFT color display. The center air vents of the standard air conditioning go out only from the upper part of the dashboard when required and are otherwise hidden for a flat look.


Two V6 engines with compressor and a V8 supercharged engine are available for the F -Type, the force is transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Unlike the sedans of Jaguar, the maximum speed of the F -type is not limited to 250 km / hr. A start -stop system is standard equipment. The Models F -Type V8 S and S also have an adaptive sports suspension that regulates the damper setting independently and continuously. The F -Type Coupe, the engine range remains unchanged. The V8 version gets an improved Hinterachssperrdifferential the second generation and a torque vectoring brake.


C- X16

The Jaguar C- X16 Jaguar presented at the IAA 2011, a near-production study of the later F -Type. The platform and the body of the C- X16 is, as in the later production model, made ​​of aluminum. The study has a three -liter, supercharged V6 engine with compressor with 280 kW ( 380 hp ) and an electric motor with 70 kW and 235 Nm. The electric motor gets its power from a 1.6 kWh large lithium -ion battery pack and assists the petrol engine by Boost function, similar to the KERS in Formula 1, the battery through regenerative braking via an electro-hydraulic system on the rear axle is Loaded at brakes. The consumption of the study are Jaguar to 6.9 litres/100 km. Up to 80 km / h, the C- X16 is all-electric can go.