Jaguar S.S.100

Jaguar S. S. 100 (built in 1937) in the Sachs Franken Classic 2009 in Bad Kissingen

The S. S. 100 was parallel in the fall of 1935, S. S. Jaguar 2 ½ Litre by S. S. Brought Cars Ltd to market, and, as its predecessor SS90, as two-seater roadster. It is the first vehicle bearing the name Jaguar. In March 1945, the name of the manufacturer on Jaguar was changed because of National Socialism the abbreviation SS gave a negative image.

The S. S. 100 had the same six-cylinder in-line engine with 2663 cc and 102 bhp as the SS Jaguar 2 ½ Litre, which was supplied by the Standard Motor Company, together with the fully assembled chassis. Over a four-speed transmission with floor shift the rear wheels were driven. The Roadster has a top speed of nearly 160 km / h - about 100 mph, so the numerical designation in the name.

From the end of 1937, there were - again, as with the sedan - either a larger six-cylinder in-line engine with 3485 cc and 125 bhp. The so- motorized car drove up to 164 km / h. Noteworthy was a karossiertes as a closed, two -seat coupe copy of the 3 ½ Litre, which was shown at the London Motor Show in October 1938, but a single piece remained.

During the 2 ½ Litre were produced 191 pieces, it brought the 3 ½ Litre to only 118 pieces. In 1939, the production of both models was adjusted due to the war. Only with the Jaguar XK 120 was after the 2nd World War a roadster offered.