Jaguar XK 150

The Jaguar XK 150 was a sports car, the Jaguar in 1957 brought 140 as successor to the Jaguar XK on the market.

The models Jaguar XK 150 FHC ( Fixed Head Coupe) and DHC (Drop Head Coupe) had, like its predecessor, a six-cylinder in-line engine with 3442 cc and 193 or 213 hp. Over a four-speed gearbox, overdrive as an option, the rear wheels were driven. On request, a Borg Warner automatic transmission was available. The engine helped the car to a top speed of 210 km / h In 1958 there was the model XK 150 S. Its engine was brought to 254 hp by a third carburetor and speeded up the vehicles at 215 km / h As of early 1959, all variants were delivered with 3781 cm ³ engine capacity reamed engine and 223 hp, the 3.8 S with 267 hp ( maximum speed 215 km / h ). The XK 150 was the first standard -equipped with four wheel disc brakes vehicles.

The most striking changes to the bodywork were the one-piece panoramic windscreen, the Obsolete hip movement, the solid rear bumper and the Jaguar figure on the hood. As of 1958, the two-seater Roadster OTS (Open Two Seater ) was also offered again, the first time decreed on the doors with crank windows. The XK 150 was carmen - red, red, burgundy, imperial- maroon, black, cornish - gray, mist gray, pearl gray in color, white, cotswold blue, indigo blue, sherwood green, British racing - green.

Until 1961 1300 Roadster OTS, FHC 3457 coupes and convertibles in 1893 DHC were produced, which was attributable to the XK 150 S Roadster 888, 199 coupes and 104 convertibles. In March 1961 the model XK 150 was replaced by the Jaguar E -Type.


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