Jaguar XK (X150)

Jaguar XK Coupe (2006-2009)

The X150 is a vehicle of the upper class, which is produced by British car manufacturer Jaguar. The X150 is sold under the name Jaguar XK in the body types Coupe and Cabriolet, and offered in three power levels. It replaces its predecessor the same series X100.

The XK was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show and was released in March 2006, initially with 4.2 L V8 engine. The engine remained largely unchanged. Mid-2007 was followed by a reduced to 3.5 liters version of the 4.2 liter engine.

  • 2.1 engines ( 03/2006-02/2009 )
  • 2.2 motors ( since 02/2009)


The existing aluminum body was designed under the Jaguar design chief Ian Callum and shows the new and more modern design Jaguars. Due to the weight saving over its predecessor, the car can achieve better performance. While the exterior is intended to illustrate the shift away from the traditional forms, the interior was Jaguar typically equipped with various types of wood and leather.

With the XKR -S Jaguar put on a limited small series ( 200 units ) based on the XKR. The XKR -S has the same performance as the XKR. Instead, Jaguar has modified the design of the car. Deep -drawn front and rear aprons, side skirts and a new rear wing set even sportier. In addition, the XKR- S is equipped with stronger, racing brakes tested Alcon, a more direct steering and ZF with a sports suspension, in conjunction with 20-inch wheels. In August 2008 the special model for € 116,900 came to the German market.

At the London Motor Show 2008 had a second special model called the XK60 premiere, which symbolizes the sixtieth anniversary of the XK series. It is available as a convertible as well as coupe. The engine is a 4.2. Further features of the anniversary edition include 20 -inch wheels, a new front spoiler and numerous chrome accents. Was built the special edition from July 2008.

The price amounted to the equivalent of around 77,000 Euros for the Coupé and 85,000 Euros for the Cabriolet.

Rear view



Individual changes to the original model of the XK were conducted from mid- 2007. Among other things, the classic extendable antenna on the right rear fender has been omitted and has been housed at this point in the rear spoiler. In addition, minor changes to the interior were made.

In February 2009, a revised XK was introduced, which has vertical vent gills in the front apron and LED flashing lights in the exterior mirrors. Also, the tail lights were LED technology. The rear bumper was pulled further down. The exhaust pipes were now oval. Inside, the instruments in the dashboard are now illuminated in white. Moreover, since then accounted for the automatic selector lever in the center console, which is replaced by the retractable rotary knob. With the facelift, new engines found their way into the XK.

Rear view

In September 2011, the XK series was modified again.

The headlights have been reduced, redesigned and got this now LED daytime running lights. The grille was changed, and the new front apron with side air intakes. At the rear, drew a narrow chrome strip. The lights feature LED technology, have been redesigned.

In parallel, the new top model XKR -S has been introduced. In addition, the LA Motor Show 2011, the convertible version of the XKR -S was presented.

Jaguar XKR -S ( since 2011 )

Rear view


After only the XK 4.2 was first available, came in the summer of 2006, the Jaguar XKR added supercharged. Visually, the R version of a radiator grille in optics, additional vents on the hood, on air intakes in the front air dam for brake cooling and an exhaust system with two round tailpipes recognizable.

In February 2009, the AJ- V8 Gen III was introduced with 5.0 liters.

Motors ( 03/2006-02/2009 )

* Was available from July 2007 in Austria and Switzerland, limited to the German market to 300 copies.

Motors ( since 02/2009)

¹ Data in brackets for convertibles


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